Services and infrastructure

Unique service offering

A service offering unique in Quebec, Canada and even the world, based on :

A high-performance computing infrastructure

  • Classical – Hybrid – Quantum
  • Aligned with industry standards
  • Secure
  • Sovereign
  • Eco-responsible

Support from a team of dedicated experts

A tailor-made offer

A network of partners

  • Academic
  • Industrial
  • Financial



  • 5000 vCPUs and 160 GPUs in dedicated virtualization
  • Nodes with up to 4 TeraB RAM, 6.5 PetaB disks
  • Eco-responsible data center, located in Quebec
  • Technological evolution Hardware
    • Intel Xeon Scalable Processors “Ice Lake” CPUs
    • GPU Nvidia A100
    • Coming soon GPU L40 and H100


  • ML Hybrid pilot space on 127 Qubits
  • IBM Discovery Platform in Canada


  • Cloud access: 22 IBM Q and 5 IBM Q simulators
  • Dedicated 127 Qubits IBM Q system, located in Quebec
  • Quantum Network
  • New quantum computing technology coming soon…


Need to start your digital shift?

Conduct a needs assessment, set clear objectives and develop a roadmap to initiate process or product transformation.

Approche collaborative

Need computing power?

We’ll bring together the technological or human resources needed to deliver the customer’s initiatives.

Approche collaborative

Need support?

We’ll help you put delivery into action, with the support of our technical teams and program managers (P.O.: Product Owner).

Approche collaborative

3 progressive and cumulative formulas


As a virtual innovation laboratory, PINQ² offers 3 progressive and cumulative packages: Discovery, Innovation and Advantage. These offers are backed up by support including the use of our partner network and various services to help you achieve your goals. What’s more, access fees are competitive and can be subsidized. For more information, please contact PINQ².

Service offer



We have the opportunity to collaborate with various federal and provincial funding organizations such as Prompt, PRIMA and MITACS, which are committed to stimulating a robust and interconnected Quebec innovation ecosystem. So, if you’re looking to innovate or transform, you can quickly benefit from the resources available from either organization.

Are you interested in this opportunity? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The benefits of working with PINQ²

Work with an experienced team +

Dedicated team and expertise
- Discovery workshops
- PINQ² Program Manager (BO) active on the project
- PINQ² Product Manager (PO) active on the solution
- Definition of a roadmap

- Access to technical user training
- Transfer of skills and knowledge

- Facilitating access to industrial partners
- Links with the academic world
- R&D access to our partners

Finance your projects +

Assistance in finding partnerships and resources

Access to network of provincial/federal partners

Guide for grant applications
- Pre-filled forms

Access to our partners' startup support programs

Innovate in an ecoresponsible environment +

Eco-responsible data center
- Heat recovery to heat homes
- Customer carbon footprint calculation
- Located in Quebec

Access to our energy transition partners

Personalize your dedicated space +

Hybrid platform (Quantum/HPC) dedicated to your specific needs

Self-service user portal for autonomous management (VM, Open stack, quantum project, SSO)

Service Level Agreement platform for development environments

Partner library (Hybrid QML, Package Algo, Simulation codes, ...)

Protect your information +

Data sovereignty

Customer control of intellectual property

Data confidentiality
- Dedicated space
- The customer is solely responsible for his data
- Identity management - application access protection

Compliance and industry standards
- Security and governance via global standards
- Extension of corporate security controls