Your solution for your digital shift

All of our services are designed to provide you with state-of-the-art technology accompanied by experts in the field. Each request is unique and we adapt to your needs. You will have the chance to acquire knowledge and skills in the digital world to perpetuate your business and continue the development of your solutions.


Need complete digital support?

Are you starting your business or do you want to increase your performance through digital transformation? Depending on your needs, PINQ2 will adapt to your request and provide you with all the tools and expertise you need to make your digital shift. You will also have the opportunity to work with research teams and with talented students who could become your future employees. You will also have the chance to validate your proofs of concept thanks to our computing power.

Need a technological breakthrough?

Your project has started, but you need technological resources to complete it? Thanks to our high performance infrastructure and our technical support, you will be able to realize your project in a simple, fast and efficient way.

Need to make your mark in the electronic marketplace?

Do you want to integrate technology into your business, such as AI, E-commerce technologies or Industry 4.0? Thanks to our industrial and academic partners, you will be accompanied by experts and will benefit from sustainable solutions adapted to your needs.

Need to anticipate the impact of new technologies in your industry?

Do you want to perpetuate your technological progress? With our partnership, you will have access to innovations to better adapt to the changing environment and to prepare for the future. Our capacity for innovation and technological progress will contribute to the emergence of new products or services in your company.

You want to do business with us?


You will be part of a collaborative environment for companies and researchers to support them in their search for solutions.

You will have the chance to have at your disposal a high-tech environment accessible by all institutions and companies in Quebec.

Competent business support to find adequate financing in addition to having the support of experts and partners.

Finally, a transfer of knowledge and skills to the industry in addition to confidentiality and preservation of intellectual property rights.